Mantra M6 - En D
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قیمت فروش: 11,600,000تومان
تولید کننده: OZONE




M6: The Ultimate 3-liner

The newest addition to the Mantra series is by far the most advanced 3-line wing that we have ever produced. Designed for experienced XC/competition pilots who enjoy the comfort, safety and performance of ‘classic’ EN D, the M6 will have M4 pilots feeling at home straight away but with obvious and significant improvements.

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The M6 is an evolution of the LM5, the wing which swept the top 5 spots of the 2013 X-Alps Race and took Chrigel to goal in record time. Over the course of our testing and development, we have taken the 3-line concept to its absolute maximum, incorporating the best design elements of the LM5 whilst increasing the number of cells, modifying the planform and optimising the line plan. The M6 has the extra performance that was not possible with the LM5 due to the serious weight restrictions demanded by the X-Alps.

Fully optimised for comfortable performance flying and featuring OZONE SharkNose technology, the M6 contains all of the features that have made the modern OZONE range renowned for stability and comfort. With an aspect ratio of 6.92, an efficient pitch stable profile, a 23% total line drag reduction and a highly refined internal tension the M6 offers improved performance relative to the M4. We have measured a 0.8 glide improvement at trim speed and a full 1 point at full speed!

Comfortable and intelligible feedback is provided by the M6’s 3-line system which allows for effective pitch control through the C risers. This tight, compact and controllable sail behaviour further improves glide performance in turbulent conditions, the wing steps up through wind shear converting energy into height like a competition wing. Through the brakes the wing is extremely precise and responsive to inputs producing an incredibly compact feel which makes it easy to turn tightly and efficiently, even in the smallest most turbulent cores. This coordinated feel, combined with the high aspect ratio translates to superb climbing characteristics and high levels of efficiency.

The M6 is suitable for experienced and competent XC pilots who spend more than 100 hours per year in thermal conditions. We are confident that the comfort and solidity of this wing will make it a favorite amongst existing M4 pilots and other experienced Performance-XC class pilots, as well as Sport-class pilots who are looking to move up to a wing which forms an excellent transition to the competition class. It is however a high performance paraglider that needs to be flown with the full attention and respect that any such wing deserves. An M6 pilot must have a solid understanding of best practices for recovery from incidents in flight.





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