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قیمت فروش: 9,800,000تومان
تولید کننده: OZONE




The Jomo is a lightweight beginner-intermediate wing designed for a wide range of hike & fly pilots. First and foremost it is a safe, fun, and easy wing ideal for the newly qualified, intermediate XC pilots and experienced alike. Reliable and dependable, it is perfect for pilots who are seeking not just a hike & fly tool, but a highly dependable lightweight wing for ridge soaring, thermalling, XC flying and beyond.


Certified EN A and based on the Mojo 5, the Jomo significantly reduces both weight and packing volume.

These advantages give the Jomo the edge on the ground making it easier, lighter and smaller to carry with improved launching characteristics and easier inflation and ground handling than its heavier cousin. Launching the JOMO in the mountains is less stressful, easier, and safer, thanks to its lightweight design. Setting up is easy; the risers are simple and uncluttered. The wing inflates smoothly - without overshooting or hanging back - even in zero wind conditions. In stronger winds it inflates progressively with less tendency to “shoot up” and pull the pilot off their feet.

In the air, the lower weight reduces the inertia making the wing more pitch stable and lighter to control. With an optimised number of cells and profile, the Jomo is aerodynamically very clean. The reduced sail drag, optimised line layout, reduction in overall line length, and newly-shaped cell openings push performance to the top of the category without compromising safety.





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