The OZONE Nutshell
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The OZONE Nutshell

Our new OZONE Helmet (Powered by Plusmax) is specifically designed for airborne sports and conforms to EN 966 standards. A full EPS impact foam liner provides shock absorption and is covered by an ABS shell for protection. The soft interior liner is moisture-wicking and the shell features 11 vents. It is available in XS-XL sizes, covering 54 to 62cm.

NOTE: The Nutshell chinguard is sold separately. If you wish to order the full face helmet, you must specify this to your OZONE dealer.


  • Passive Ventilation
  • Goggle Retention Strap
  • Clip Closure System
  • Removable Ear Cover
  • 11 air-vents
  • Shell: ABS Technology
  • Lining: Hydro-Cool
  • Freeflight Standard: CE EN966
  • Weight: 470g (m)
  • Colour: Dark Charcoal
  • Finish: Soft Touch coated


Size (cm) 54 56 58 60 61






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